HALSCO Under Counter-Slot Safes

HALSCO Under Counter-Slot Safes


Halsco Under Counter-Slot Safes are a convenient and safe way to protect money when immediate deposit of cash or checks is required. These safes allow for multiple deposits to be made through the anti-fish deposit slot. These safes are commonly used under counters in retail environments (ie: gas stations, retail stores, athletic clubs & food establishments) due to limited space and the need to reduce the threat of robbery and/or internal theft.


  • B-rated burglary construction (1/2″ solid steel door and 1/4″ solid steel body)
  • Ease-of-use : Deposits are made through the deposit opening or slot (money bag/envelopes), no need to unlock the door
  • Deposits protected with anti-fish baffles
  • All sides are seamlessly welded
  • Armed with drill resistant steel hard plate construction
  • Full length locking bar to deter prying attack on hinges with independent re-locking device
  • 4 anchor holes in the bottom included
  • Front Loading Capacity- H-5 1/8x W-1/2”
  • Finish-Dark Grey Door & Body
Lock Options

  • C-UL Listed Group 11 Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical safe lock